Lily Grob


Over the past 17 years I have been on a wonderful journey into the prophetic art.

I am currently starting up my own business which is licensed to Creative Minds, a social enterprise that takes art sessions into care Homes.

I have an incredible, supportive husband and two fantastic, independent teenagers.

I have always chosen subjects that spoke deeply to my soul. Looking back, without realising it God was speaking to me through these images and I was in fact already painting prophetically.

For the past few years, not only have I chosen heartfelt subjects but I have also started painting visions that the Lord placed in my spirit (during worship, church, prayer time and even during the day to day activities).

During the past year I have been involved in twelve.12 – an amazing group of individuals coming together in unity to empower and equip the saints to share the gospel in creative ways(through poetry, dance, art, prophetic acts, singing). We visit one church in a different town or city every month. We have seen healings and freedom…people have gone back to their churches and have done likewise.

I am currently facilitating a creative prophetic group at Jubilee Church Teesside. We are a group who seeks God’s heart and encourage one another in a special way. We share our gifting with each other, so we can touch lives through creativity.

My desire is to paint God’s heart for His people – for their lives to be touched, healed and transformed and to see others released in their gifting.

It is incredibly exciting to see our God, the Master Creator moving us out of our comfort zones into His plans and purposes…to see His bride come to full maturity in Christ.

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever
is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything
worthy of praise, think about these things…

Philippians 4:8