About us

John writes:

Val and myself have been involved in the prophetic for many years, but in 2014 God added art into the mix.

We were members of Jubilee Church, Derby, but in July 2017  some prophetic words and circumstances came together and we relocated to Lincolnshire.  We are now part of Market Rasen New Life Church.

Although I am the main artist, God has been making it clear that prophetic art is a ministry we have both been called into, using our differing skills”.

A brief history of our journey so far in prophetic art.

This new season for us started back in August 2013 when I was told, unexpectedly, that I would be made redundant from my engineering manager job. We both felt that I should accept voluntary redundancy and not look to be re-deployed elsewhere within the company. I knew it had something to do with art.

In December 2013, our eldest son, Stephen, sent me a prophetic word. It arrived in the post the day I finished work!


“May this be a year of adventure, of risk, of new steps of faith that bless many and call more to know a glorious God who looks after his children. You have been so faithful in the small things, so faithful in your time and your money and we believe that God is going to blow you away with what he will do in the years to come. May your paintings bring money(!) but also bring light in the dark places, speak of our Father’s love, the Son’s grace and the Spirit’s embrace. Paint new things. Paint truths. Paint with God’s eyes. Step out – it’s going to be exciting!”.

In April 2014 I was given two books by the family for my 60th birthday, which continued this journey. They were “Born to Create” by Theresa Dedmon and “Unlocking the Heart of the Artist” by Matt Tommey. These two books awakened us to what God was doing by linking prophecy and art.

Over the next two and a half years God started teaching us about prophetic art and He has been unveiling to us what our role will be in this global movement of God. We have received several specific prophetic words confirming our involvement in prophetic art.

One aspect of this journey has involved running prophetic art workshops. In 2015 and 2016 we were involved in workshops at the Christ Central churches Devoted weekend in Newark. These were a great time where God demonstrated how He could use prophetic art to encourage, release and build His church. Since these events we have heard of so many more encouraging stories of what God did over those weekends and continues to do.


In 2016 we were involved in a workshop at the Pursuing His Presence conference in Derby, led by a team from King’s Church, Horsham. Another amazing time of seeing God encourage, release and build His church. It was no surprise that many of the testimonies of what God was doing during the conference came from the prophetic art workshop.  We repeated these workshops at the 2016 and 2017 conferences.

Since then we have run workshops at other events and for small groups in a wide variety of different settings.

During this time God has been giving me pictures, which I have been painting and drawing. Many of these are included on this web site. Some have been drawn during church services for people attending that day. Others have been given during the week for someone coming to a church meeting.

Although Val would not call herself an artist, God has been taking us on this journey together, joining prophecy and art together.


We are convinced God wants to redeem the art world. The art world is in a mess, but God intends to take it back and is looking for a generation of artists to work with Him to redeem the art world. We believe He will raise up a generation of artists to create what He will show them.

Further, we believe that God wants to equip the whole body of Christ (His church) to work in community by using art and different types of creativity.

This will reveal the glory of Heaven, bringing healing, wholeness and freedom to people. Increasingly, we can bring Heaven to Earth.

Therefore, our aim is to encourage and inspire all Christians to create visually what God shows them to His Glory.

This web site is yet another part of this exciting journey into prophetic art with Father.

In 2017 God moved us to beautiful, rural Lincolnshire.

Here we have started a Gathering of Christian Artists of various disciplines and church backgrounds (Bara’ House Artists).  This is enabling us all to explore Prophetic Art and our creativity still further. Have a look at the Bara’ House website.

In September 2018, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, which had spread to the liver.

We believed God for healing.

We are so thankful for the many friends who prayed with us and walked this road with us during 2019.

Two major operations and six rounds of chemotherapy later, January 2020 saw me declared cancer free.

Whatever is true, whatever is honourable,  whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things...

Philippians 4:8